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今回は、六本木にあるフランス料理とワインの世界を思い存分に楽しめるMaxivinを紹介致しました。 一生忘れられない穴子のポートワイン煮込みを味わいながら、ソムリエの佐藤陽一さんが700種ほどのコレクションから選んでくださったワインを楽しませて頂きました。



Recently an article about me was published in Shūkanshinchō, a weekly magazine in Japan.

For the second time, I got to introduce one of my favorite restaurants in Tokyo in a column called "Ihōjin no gurume"(foreigner's gourmet),

This time I got to visit Maxivin, a French restaurant in Roppongi run by no one less than the famous sommelier Yoichi Sato. Apart from the impressive wine collection, Maxivin is a place where you can always make new discoveries, and get to learn about wine in the most delightful way. Always worth a visit🥂✨

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